Fill out the LPI survey from the World Bank

The World Bank has launched the next survey for the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) 2016 and we invite Luxembourg logistics companies to participate. The survey is held every two years and we invite you to participate in order to enhance the quality of the survey.

Fill out the survey

Luxembourg ranked eight among 160 countries in the survey for 2014 and was top of the list concerning "timeliness" and "international shipments". Moreover Luxembourg was number one concerning landlocked countries. Here is the link to the Luxembourg chart for 2014.

The Logistics Performance Index is based on a worldwide survey of operators on the ground (global freight forwarders and express carriers), providing feedback on the logistics “friendliness” of the countries in which they operate and those with which they trade. They combine in-depth knowledge of the countries in which they operate with informed qualitative assessments of other countries with which they trade, and experience of global logistics environment. Especially infrastructure and efficiency are important issues.

The components analyzed in the International LPI were chosen based on recent theoretical and empirical research and on the practical experience of logistics professionals involved in international freight forwarding. They are:

• The efficiency of customs and border management clearance (“Customs”).
• The quality of trade and transport infrastructure (Infrastructure”).
• The ease of arranging competitively priced shipments (Ease of arranging shipments”).
• The competence and quality of logistics services—trucking, forwarding, and customs brokerage (“Quality of logistics services”).
• The ability to track and trace consignments (“Tracking and tracing”).
• The frequency with which shipments reach consignees within scheduled or expected delivery times (“Timeliness”).
The LPI uses standard statistical techniques to aggregate the data into a single indicator that can be used for cross-country comparisons.


Here you can find the complete report of 2014