TIR Study

The Third Industrial Revolution Transforms Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and TIR Consulting Group LLC, led by Mr Jeremy Rifkin, have engaged in a deep collaborative initiative over the past twelve months, designed to transform the country into the first nation-state of the smart green Third Industrial Revolution era. In order to bring Luxembourg's Economy to the next level, the Workgroups have identified numerous subjects and recommendations.  The year-long project has culminated in a 475 page Third Industrial Revolution Strategy Study to help guide the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg into the next stage of its journey. The Cluster for Logistics was a member of the workgroup dedicated to mobility, where the Senior Cluster Manager gave his input on transportation and supply chain management.

The global economy is slowing, productivity is waning in every region of the orld, and unemployment remains stubbornly high in every country. Economists are predicting 30 more years of low productivity and slow growth. And now, after two Industrial Revolutions in the 19th and 20th Centuries, we can begin to assess the impact of this economic period in human history. The renowned specialist Mr Jeremy Rifkin has led a study group in order to the. The result has been published officially on November 14th at the LuxExpo.

Many Workgroups were held at the Chamber of Commerce during the last year and the focus was put on fields that are undergoing a strong transformation or are in need to be developed like Energy, Buildings, Circular Economy but also Mobility. Senior Cluster Manager Malik Zeniti took part in the consultations and the results of the mobility workgroup start at page 66 of the full Study and span over 50 pages. Numerous recommendations on processes and innovative propulsion methods can be found in the study: "The Cluster for Logistics has been established to advance the various logistics services across Luxembourg. Its mission, in part, is dedicated to driving new innovations and collaborations to streamline the logistics infrastructure and operations. Luxembourg currently ranks second in the world for best performance in logistics according to the World Bank’s logistics performance index.64 Luxembourg’s highly advanced logistics infrastructure and operations will enable the country to speed its transition into an automated, digitalized, and soon driverless transportation and logistics hub."

The results are interesting benchmarks for the Industry, the government and agencies like the Cluster. In order to achieve the Revolution, the actors have to work together ever more closely. Sustaniability is an important aspect in transportation and the Cluster is still looking for candidates for the next LEAN & GREEN Program, dedicated to lower CO2 emissions and subsequently transportation costs.

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