Get connected

We imagine the YPL² to become a platform for us, being also known as the digital natives to exchange experiences, discuss trends as well as to find inspiration or even new opportunities. Moreover, to get insights into companies or organisations in Luxembourg and the bigger region. You, as members shall be able to help others, seek for advice and receive support of members/ partners in return. Maybe you can even boost your own career prospects while building social and professional relationships.

Besides, we hope to get you on board involving yourself pro-actively to help strengthening and expanding this initiative. With this board we generated a way for communication that shall help to organise and coordinate events, workshops or fieldtrips being hosted in collaboration, at our partners or even by the YPL² community itself. We want to not only bring people within the same interest together but also generate a place where partners of any kind can reach out to. For now we don’t know our own potential. We want to change that and invite you therefore to be part of this upcoming and growing network!

Networking creates synergies – Let’s grow together!

Your YPL2 team!