Sep 11 2019

C4L joins UECC debates on Sept 25th

The UECC (Union of European Chambers of Commerce for Transport) meets in Brussels on September 25th for a Working Group and Evening Debate "Milestone 2030 - Exploring the future course of European transport policy for the 2020s". C4L represents the Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg and will participate to the meetings.

After globalization and digitalization changed the face of the World in the 20th century, the prospects for development differ widely in the 21st centruy, writes UECC. "Extraordinary effort is needed to satisfy social expectations and to defend the position of Europe globally. Therefore, the optimal use of all modes of transport and technical progress will be crucial in shaping the future", according the the organisation.

The UEEC highlights three topics to discuss with its Members:

  • Ensure fair competition between modes of Transport
  • Keep waterways effective and competitive
  • Make Environment Protection Business-Friendly

This year, on March 8th 2019, the UECC held its annual Conference in Luxembourg in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg and C4L.

For a review (in German)

The UECC represents 60 Chambers of Commerce and Industry in six European countries and is presided by Dr. Christoph Juen. The working group "General Transport" deals with all current issues concerning the regulations, the infrastructure and the management of the road system, the railroads, the combined transport and the airways in the area of interest of the UECC.

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