Jun 04 2020

CHAMP Cargosystems’ Weight & Balance Solution

Safety and productivity are top priorities for any cargo carrier. CHAMP Cargosystems’ industry leading Weight & Balance solution makes aircraft loading more efficient, cuts costs and maximizes space utilisation. It also makes flying safer. The customer driven development sets industry standards. It ensures compliance with all IATA operational and safety requirements and individual operators’ business rules. It can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT systems.

Next generation load planning

CHAMP Cargosystems’ Weight & Balance solution is a powerful, yet intuitive and easy to use tool for load planning. The state-of-the-art application automates and speeds up load planning processes and loadsheet preparation for full freighters. Loads are positioned graphically using drag and drop. The industry leading optimized autoload module can even plan a full aircraft to the optimal MAC in seconds while the loadmaster retains full control, especially over positioning complex loads. Autoload will also intelligently plan multi-sector flights to maximize efficient unloading and cuts time on the ground.

Drive for cost savings

CHAMP’s Weight & Balance produces the legally required documents for each flight, complying with EU-OPS 1.625 loading instructions, report forms and loadsheets. It is fed and populated by IATA standard and CargoIMP messaging which reduces input errors and saves up to 70 % of processing time. The intelligent load planner provides far more accurate results than previously used manual and excel based solutions. Significant fuel savings can be realized by consistent achievement of the target MAC. Higher operational efficiency and lower costs make a positive contribution to a carrier’s financial performance. Weight & Balance is a well-proven tool and at the same time the most advanced on the market, and one of the fastest.


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