Apr 04 2022

Start-ups matchmaking conference 2022

For the seventh time already, the Cluster for Logistics and CorpPearls presented Start-ups to potential partners or investors. Five Start-ups received the opportunity to pitch their innovative services to 30 guests on Friday 1st April 2022 at the Luxembourg School of Business.

The event was organized in partnership with the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works and Luxembourg School of Business (LSB). Dr. Arne Hessenbruch (Lecturer at the MIT and LSB) welcomed the guests at the Luxembourg School of Business premises in Luxembourg. The event included an investor Talk with Tobias Verlende (CorpPearls) and Matthias Frost, Founder and CEO at Mosel Ventures and David Saigne, Investment Analyst at LRLUX S.A..

Meet the Startups and download their presentations


Automotive online sales and auction platform

Speaker: Torsten Sentis - CEO and Founder

motorido is a disruptive and freebie European auction platform focussing on cost-intensive vehicles (trucks, campers, vintage)It satisfies C-Clients needs (traders, buyers) by billing for transactions, not listings, and by offering a wide range of features, thus building a strong competitive advantage.
motorido will harvest the transaction-related data and make it available to industry (OEMs, part makers, insurances) which have no access to the group of second-hand buyers. motorido will provide additional services to buyers, such as predicted maintenance, spare parts, finance, and insurance. The close co-operation with the automotive and finance industry for up-selling is part of motorido‘s business- model.
motorido is now looking for strong partners and investors from the automotive/logistics and insurance/financing industry.




Blockchain Platform for transparent Food Brands

Speaker: Jonas Wendt - Co-Founder

OURZ is a German startup dedicated to making food systems more transparent through a blockchain-enabled SaaS platform, giving consumers insights into the history of products. Consumers are fed-up with greenwashing, and sustainable companies are desperately searching for tools to differentiate themself from their greenwashing competitors.
Currently, OURZ is working on scaling up their transparency movement, while they are also working together with the WWF in an EU-funded project to turn the European fishing industry transparent & sustainable.
To achieve their disruptive goals, OURZ is searching for strategic partners & investors, especially with retail, food, SaaS, marketing
& consumer app competencies.




Boost your terminal operations performance

Speaker: Pablo Fernández-Peña Curbera, CEO-Founder

eYARD is a cloud based software that uses AI to help container terminal operators improve productivity and cut costs by up to 20% by reducing the number of unproductive moves. With the current problem of supply of containers and delays, terminals are decreasing considerably their levels of productivity and increasing costs. eYARD tools helps terminal operator, predict container dwell time and simulate hundreds of scenarios before making any investment to analyze the main KPIs.
With all the data these terminals generate, eYARD is able to find hidden patterns and deliver the optimal solution for the terminal
operator, resulting in a more efficient use of the resources available in the terminal and reduction of costs.
eYARD is looking for strong partners and investors from the maritime industry/logistics to help us grow the business and scale in all parts of the world.



SaaS B2B platform supporting modal shift towards rail

Speaker: Youness Lemrabet, CEO

Everysens is a French start-up which makes modal shift towards rail and multimodal transport a reality. With a SaaS B2B platform, Everysens leverages AI technologies to buy, plan and track rail supply chain processes.
Decarbonising transport, one train at a time: offering industrial shippers a one-stop solution to digitise rail freight operations.
Everysens is now looking for new partners and clients from the Benelux and DACH region and for 6 to 10 millions euros to accelerate its European growth, launch a Modal Shift Marketplace and assert its leadership position.




Blockchain backed Content Management Platform (CMP)

Speaker: Nihat Arkan - CEO and Founder

Cologne based Yaliyomo is the SaaS-based Blockchain platform offering a highly scalable Content Management Platform (CMP) to track mission-critical content for businesses, bringing transparency and sustainability to their day-to-day operations. Yaliyomo's 100% secure platform enables all parties in the supply chain, including logistics companies (Freight Forwarders, 3PLs, Ocean Lines, Customs Authorities), to deposit content/certificates/documents for all stakeholders within the value chain.

Yaliyomo's newly deployed solution provides complete product authenticity, preventing counterfeiting, managing ownership, and protecting the overall brand integrity. It also enables brand owners/retailers to maintain a dynamic relationship with their customers, even after the "first" sales. Main Industries focused are Retail, Luxury Retail (and high-value products), Agri-Food Industry (where supply chain and logistics transparency, corporate social responsibility, and customer interaction are considered critical).




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