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The Lean and Green Program goes into it's fourth edition in Luxembourg and the Cluster invites logistics companies to work on a CO2-reduction action plan. A first information meeting was held on November 29th 2018 to give an overview of the programme intended to reduce CO2 emissions. The Cluster for Logistics cooperates with the Ministry of Sustainable development and DART Consulting to prepare logistics companies.

During the Information session, Mrs Mélanie Laidié (C4L) and L&G Trainer Mr Nicolas Rigo (Dart Consulting) explained the principles of the Lean and Green programme. A Luxembourg-based company which can demonstrate through an action plan that it will be able to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20% in five years’ time becomes eligible for the LEAN and GREEN Award. Moreover, the implementation of the EU directive on energy efficiency could provide new interests, particularly for small and medium companies, to participate in a Lean and Green certification AND take profit of potential incentives or support from obligated parties if achieving energy consumption reduction.

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Companies must develop an Action Plan with improvement strategies, for example, including improving driver performance, utilization rates increasing, trips coordination, advanced dispatching / communication systems, adoption of clean fuels, modal shift, and Critical Performance Indicators (CPIs). An independent institute reviews whether the Action Plans are realistic to meet targets, approves the plans, and monitors progress against CPIs.

The programme is aimed at reducing the CO2 emissions of logistics activities of every company with logistics activities. This includes industrial companies and the retail sector next to shippers, carriers and logistics service providers.

This program supports future orientated businesses in transport and logistics to combine ecological behaviour and economic use of energy in a very competitive business environment. The Label plays an increasingly important role in Europe helping to meet COP 21 Paris goals of reduced CO2 emissions through 2030.

The Paris COP21 agreement on Climate protection has increased the pressure to decrease CO2-emissions significantly across all sectors until 2030 and beyond. The fourth National energy efficiency action plan (NREAP) lists the measures that have been retained by the Luxembourg government to enhance the national energy efficiency policy, to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

New energy efficiency obligation scheme for energy suppliers and logistics companies

In the context of the transposition of the EU directive on energy efficiency into Luxembourgish law via the Projet de Règlement grand-ducal includes since 2018, it is foreseen to have the possibility to account certain measures from the action plans of LAG as energy efficiency measures together with obligated parties under the energy efficiency obligation scheme which has been established in Luxembourg in 2015. Obligated parties are electricity and natural gas suppliers, which have a legal obligation to achieve energy efficiency savings each year to the end of 2020. The savings can be achieved by the obligated parties mainly in the building and industrial sector, but can accounted in the future partially in the transport sector through the program “Lean and Green”.

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Mr Daniel Flies from the Direction des énergies durables of the Ministry of Economy gave an overview of the scheme and how it affects logistics service providers.

Three Stars in Luxembourg

After the implementation of the Plan, companies receive the LEAN & GREEN STAR. The LEAN & GREEN Luxembourg community celebrated the first LEAN & GREEN STAR Awards on July 13th 2018. The companies Arthur Welter, CFL multimodal and LuxairCARGO received the LEAN & GREEN STAR Award for achieving an ambitious reduction of at least 20% in CO2 emissions since 2012. Minister François Bausch handed over the awards during the ceremony at the Chamber of Commerce.