The Day for Logistics in Luxembourg

On April 19th 2018, companies from the industrial, trading and logistics services sectors took visitors behind the scenes of logistics and supply chain management. The visits were free of charge and participants gained an insight into the wide variety of logistics and supply chain management activities performed every day. The Open Door Day is organised in cooperation with the German Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL) and attracts forty thousand visitors in over 20 countries across the world. The Cluster and its members participated for the fifth time to the Supply Chain Day with behind the scenes visits and specialized conferences.

Launch of the first electronic consignment note in Luxembourg

The Supply Chain Day 2018 was the perfect occasion to launch the first e-CMR (electronic consignment note) for a road transport by Arthur Welter on behalf of Cargolux between the airports of Luxembourg and Amsterdam, Schiphol. Camille Gira, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure has signed the first electronic consignment note at Luxembourg Airport. Since March, Luxembourg authorises the use of digital consignment notes for road transport after the adoption of the UNECE e-CMR protocol addition and also participates in a Benelux e-CMR pilot project.

“By using electronic consignment notes, logistics companies and their customers can significantly reduce administrative and environmental costs that relate to the 400 million e-CMR that are issued on an annual basis within the European Community”, states Secretary of State Camille Gira. In practice, 166.000 trees, 15.000 pallets and 600 trucks of paper CMR can be saved.  Assuming a saving of 4,5 euro for each e-CMR, this would mean an efficiency gain of 1,8 billion of euro for the European Union and probably 3 million euro in Luxembourg.

Malik Zeniti, Director, Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg: “This is an important step for the Luxembourg hub allowing a stronger data integration of records driving digitization in the transport and supply chain sector. It positions the Benelux at the head of Europe facilitating movements of goods with electronic consignment notes thus accelerating their acceptance throughout Europe”

Events attracted over 100 visitors in 2018

CFL multimodal opened its doors for two visits that attracted 30 people. The enlarged Hub was inaugurated last year and attracted a specialized public that was eager to see the enhanced possibilities of the site.  Next to the event on April 19th, CFL mm will welcome students from a Lycée on a separate visit.

At the initiative of the Young Professionals Logistics and Supply Chain Luxembourg (YPL²), FANUC Europe and IEE S.A gave a look behind their scenes and into their logistics processes.

In the morning, Andrea Scammacca, Head of European Supply Chain welcomed the 25 guests at FANUC’s European headquarter. The impressive repair center, which contributes to outstanding after-sales with its central repair service and in cooperation with a European spare parts warehouse, also attracted the interest of the participants. The visit continued at the Echternach factory of IEE and the guests were able to experience the different company products using the example of an automobile loaded with IEE sensors. The most well-known products are the automatic seat occupancy recognition, various driver assistance systems or intelligent camera systems.

Le Freeport Luxembourg was also glad to show its activities to the greater public and logistics professionals. Following the way of an entering piece of art the 20 visitors got a good insight of the highly secured procedures. A good collaboration with customs authorities is therefore essential. The management emphasized security and safety aspects next to the necessary transparency requirements of this very particular warehouse: the Freeport respects all the Luxembourg laws and is a warehouse compliant with anti-money-laundering laws.

Cartel Damage Claims invited companies, that purchased or leased trucks between the years 1997 and 2011, to an information session about the possibility of recovering damages by joining the CDC action in The Netherlands. The meeting held at the Chamber of Commerce attracted interested companies. In the Trucks Case, CDC is already cooperating with several members of C4L and GTL and would be glad to welcome on board additional companies interested in obtaining compensation for their significant finacial harm.

Networking and information day

The sector is continuously growing in quality in Luxembourg with 12,500 direct and an estimated 6,000 indirect jobs. The Supply Chain Day fosters networking and collaboration between the actors. The press was present on several events and gave an overview of the sector while Cluster Manager Malik Zeniti presented the initiative on Radio 100,7.

Check out the online review of the Létzebuerger Journal (article in German)

Download the pictures below (CFL group pictures copyright: Kim Conrardy - ECMR pictures copyright: Cargolux - all other pictures: C4L)