Dec 02 2016

Logistics Autumn Conference on Digital Transformation

The Cluster invites you to the Logistics Autumn Evening at the Chamber of Commerce on December 2nd 2016 starting at 16:00. This year's conference is focusing on Digital Transformation in Logistics, which is driving innovation in every sector. A networking walking dinner concludes our conference and brings together actors from various sectors.

Be it connected processes, track and trace or business forecasting via big data, the digital transformation and Industry 4.0 are the new reality and no longer just buzzwords. At this year’s Logistics Autumn Conference, the Cluster for Logistics will investigate “How Digitization makes Supply Chains more efficient, agile and customer-focused”.

Our main Topics:

  • Digital Supply Chains
  • Integrated Planning and Execution
  • Procurement 4.0
  • E-Commerce and Visibility
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Finding the right skills

Companies that miss out on the new digital realities struggle to enhance their processes in a competitive business environment. Big Data, track and trace or simplified interfaces strongly influence logistics activities and the capacity to serve customers. This megatrend is on the menu of many logistics companies according also to the latest PwC survey on Industry 4.0. In the next five years, the digitization of the industry is previewed to increase strongly.

Our final programme is being determined but we secured the new director of the Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL), Prof. Benny Mantin. As speaker, Prof. Mantin will join us via videoconference.
A recent PwC study about Industry 4.0 that shows the trends and the expectations of the logistics sector in this field is also on the menu.

The Cluster is currently finalizing the programme and will send out a definitive agenda to its members soon. Check out this site often for updates and reserve your seat early.


Chamber of Commerce

7, Rue Alcide de Gasperi



15:30 Arrival

16:00 Start and Welcome by Mr Carlo Thelen, Director General of Chamber of Commerce

and President of the Cluster for Logistics


Industry 4.0 – How digitization makes the supply chain more efficient, agile and customer-focused

  • Mr Stefan Schrauf, Industry 4.0 EMEA Co-Lead and Digital Operations, PwC Strategy & Germany

How Industry 4.0 is driving change in SCM/Logistics

  • Dr Torsten Mallée, Vorstand BVL, Director International Business Development AEB GmbH

Digitization, Automation & Process Improvement

  • Prof. Benny Mantin, Associate Professor, University of Waterloo, Director,

Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL)

  • Prof. Steffen Klosterhalfen, LCL

How to make your Supply Chain more flexible

  • Mr Romain NICOT, Partner transport, onepoint

How the IT process is impacting our SCM Model

  • Mr Nikolay Pargov, Operations Director, Europe Transportation, CH Robinson

Update on the Cluster's activities: C4L IT and e-Logistics workgroupsYoung Professionals Network

  • Mr Malik Zeniti, Senior Cluster Manager of the Cluster for Logistics

“Fit for Innovation” Programme

  • Mr Arnaud Duban, Head of SME Performance Luxinnovation

18:00 Networking Cocktail

20:00 End of the Event



Our Speakers and their Topics:

Having started as a senior consultant for AEB’s SCM software solutions in 2004, Dr. Torsten Mallée took over full responsibility for AEB’s Asia Pacific business in 2007. Since 2012 he has been responsible for AEB’s corporate International Business Development. He is a member of the Board of the BVL since May 2016.

In his presentation he will discuss the impact of the IoT on the Supply Chain Management regarding processes, business models, corporate organization as well as the mindset required. 

Benny Mantin is an Associate Professor at the University of Waterloo and the future Director of the Luxembourg Centre of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL). Benny’s research covers various aspects of dynamic pricing and revenue management, supply chain management, and transportation economics.

Steffen Klosterhalfen is an Associate Professor at the LCL. His research focuses on quantitative decision-support models in these fields to address real-world problems, such as inventory optimization and fleet design.

In their presentation, Benny and Steffen draw similarities between automation and digitization of processes and highlight the importance of rethinking the process itself when making such investments.

Romain NICOT, Partner transport at onepoint :

Across my 15 years of professional experience, I built a strong experience in transportation sector as well as in organizational transformation. On these two axes, my skills goes from building a Shared service platform for Commercial department back office to scope and realize the PMI of a Full truck load company. These experiences were done in a digital disruption mindset in order to bring the optimum value for people. My conviction is that digitalization should bring the link between real world and ideal world. In that way digital is only a pretext for innovation.

About the presentation "How to make your Supply Chain more flexible"

Multi-channel pressure is real and requires the supply chain to become agile. ERP implemented in the 90s no longer meet this need. Our belief is that IS supporting the supply chain should benefit from the industrialization of uses in gradually letting the historical pillars technologies to provide more flexibility and responsiveness to current demands.

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