Sep 13 - 13 2022

Workshop: Demistifying artificial intelligence in business for the transport & logistics sector

"Artificial Intelligence". Currently, this term is largely employed and thus has been discussed and presented many times. 

Conversely, the reality is that in most companies, the lever that is “AI”  is currently not used at its true potential and has yet to deliver its expected added value. Identification of the real business cases, conditions of success with business constraints represent challenges that must be overcome to achieve positive implementations. The root cause of the challenges encountered is very often an insufficient understanding of “How does AI works ?”

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The number of participants is limited to 12 persons
(one per company)

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Given this challenging environment, we offer to talk about “AI” in a functional and innovative angle, avoiding the too-often seen “Strategy & theory”. We rather expose “AI”  functionally and didactically with pragmatical and detailed steps of a real use case of a prediction model project.

Our goal is to make the attendees more aware of Machine Learning/AI projects.

The workshop would be divided into two parts:

  • The presentation of a real AI project implementation
  • Participative working groups where attendees would be invited to transpose the previous approach to their own business areas and logistics with a time to share each group outcomes

The event is led by David Recchia, Founder and CEO of REVEALS, an Advisory company dedicated to Data.

David has spent several years in the industry and Logistics as an engineer before to reach financial sector in 2007, where he had the opportunity to lead a wide range of missions in Data Management, including the setup from “scratch” of a Data Science activity answering business needs. This led to several Machine Learning projects brought to production together with the setup and creation of new tools and dedicated teams counting new types of profiles.

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