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Panalpina's Own Controlled Network: Delivering more than freight


Since 1990 Panalpina has been the only freight forwarding company to offer its Own Controlled Network for air freight. It is a unique asset that differentiates Panalpina from all other large freight forwarders. The Network uses leased and chartered aircraft to guarantee capacity, and is structured to handle express and special shipments. As the name implies, the biggest benefit of the Network is control, for example when handling temperature sensitive cargo for healthcare customers. Panalpina not only controls aircraft on specific routes, but the company designs and oversees processes on the ground as well, ensuring the best possible control from door-to-door. The Network also enables Panalpina to route some of its flights to suit a particular client's requirements, if the cargo volume is large enough. The Own Controlled Network accounts for approximately 15% of Panalpina's air freight each year.

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