Oct 06 2017

C4L joins the Green Innovation Summit

In order to highlight the LEAN & GREEN program in Luxembourg, the Cluster for Logistics is participating to the Green Innovation Summit on October 19th, starting at 16:30 in the Etablissement Namur in Hamm.

During this conference that attracts many C-level guests, Malik Zeniti from the Cluster for Logistics and Max Nilles from the Ministry of Transport will present the LEAN & GREEN project as Speakers.

The Conference highlights sustainable initiatives and the Green Business Awards will reward the best projects of 2017.

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The Speakers includes

  • Max Nilles - Chargé de Direction Navigation Fluviale, Logistique et Taxis, Ministère du Développement Durable et des Infrastructures
  • Malik Zeniti - Cluster Manager, Cluster for Logistics
  • Walter Stahel - Founder-Director, The Product-Life Institute Geneva
  • Paul Kauten - Managing Director, Eida s.a.
  • Laurent Magi - Head of Energy and Consultancy Services, Enovos
  • Tom Pfeiffer - Partner | CSR Leader, Deloitte

Join us at:

Etablissement Namur,

2 Rue de Bitbourg

1273 Luxembourg

On October 19th

Starting at 16:30

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