Oct 20 2017

Innovation Workshop 2017

The Cluster for Logistics and Luxinnovation are aiming to identify innovation needs and promote  potential projects in the field. Instead of just implementing new solutions as they are available, the Cluster wants to promote collaboration in innovative projects.

We therefore organise an innovation workshop on October 20th at the Chamber of Commerce at Kirchberg-Luxembourg.


What are the innovation needs?
What are the issues with innovation in Logistics?
What are the projects the companies could need help with?
How can Luxinnovation and C4L help directly?

Innovating is necessary in a fast changing world and international companies cannot afford to just move along. Subjects that can interest Luxembourg Managers are as varied as the logistics sector itself: Industry 4.0, ICT and Robotisation or new Tires solutions can enhance competitiveness and reduce costs significantly.

Working together can spring new innovative projects and this session is organized in cooperation with Luxinnovation. A brainstorming session to think out of the box will enhance the sector further.

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