Oct 28 2020

Two Students honored with DT Logistique award

As a sign of appreciation for the outstanding achievements of young qualified technicians in logistics, the Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg, in the presence of the Deputy Head of the Orientation professionelle (Ministry of Education) Tom Muller, awarded the two best qualified technicians in logistics 2020 on October 26th 2020. In the school year 2019/2020, Karolina CISINSKA, student at the Lycée Technique de Bonnevoie and employed by Arthur Welter Transports, as well as Andrea FORESI, student at the Lycée Technique de Lallange and employed by ArcelorMittal, showed an outstanding performance. The Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg honors the special talent and commitment of these two students with the award of the “Best Diplôme de Technicien en logistique 2019/2020”. The ceremony took place at the Chamber of Commerce in the presence of the president of the Cluster, Carlo Thelen.

The transport and logistics sector is constantly changing, with topics such as digitization, automation and innovative and sustainable technologies increasing in importance. To cope with these complex challenges, new talented logisticians are trained every year in Luxembourg as part of the logistics program "Diplôme de Technicien en Logistique". In this context, 13 students from the two schools Lycée Technique de Bonnevoie and Lycée Technique de Lallange passed the final exam in 2020.

The training for qualified technicians in logistics was introduced in 2015 with the support of the Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg and prepares young schoolchildren and students for the dispatching of goods in the transport sector. Logistics and industrial companies increasingly need better qualified and motivated young employees in order to fulfill the various tasks.

The training of new talents in the field of logistics sets the course for a positive development of the logistics industry in Luxembourg. At the same time, the successful training of qualified logistics technicians is also a credit to all of their training companies, which year after year give new students the opportunity to learn the profession of logistics specialist from scratch. " notes Philippe Scholten, responsible for the “Diplôme de Technicien en Logistique” program at the Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg. The area of responsibility of the trained qualified technicians includes the planning and organization of transports, the management of warehouses or the implementation of customs clearances. These logistics talents find jobs mainly in freight forwarding and logistics companies but also in other branches of the economy like industry or trade.

Financial support for training companies

In order to support training during the Corona crisis, the Ministry of Education has extended the enrollment deadlines for students and announced further financial support. In addition to the usual support for social expenses, training companies will soon be able to request one-time premiums between 1,500 and 5,000 euros per trainee.

Background to the technician diploma training

The training enables young students to gain practical work experience in a company and acquire qualifications with which they can start their professional life right away or study further to gain advanced skills. The vocational training is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. Theoretical training takes place in a school (Lycée Technique); The practical training takes place in a training company under the guidance of the trainer or the company owner. The trainees are present in the company three days a week, while they attend the vocational school for two days. Companies and students can find details about vocational training on the website of the Chamber of Commerce under logistics specialist: https://www.winwin.lu/de/apprentice/professions.html#info_tech_log

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