Logistics Conversations Podcast

Stories and topics about supply chain and logistics managers in a bi-weekly podcast of the Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg, the voice of supply chain and logistics.

The “Logistics Conversations” podcast is intended for a local and international audience that wants to learn more about “the people behind the scenes”. Discover inspiring decision makers and take a look at their projects and passions. We will showcase eminent C-level influencers as well as less known project leaders or operators that “make it happen”.

We want to surprise you with trending or unusual topics with guests from established companies or innovative start-ups from the fields of logistics, industry, commerce, politics or academia. Competent speakers will relate their experiences and talk about essential aspects of supply chains like best practice, necessary skills or technological trends that helps service providers bring products to their customers in a sustainable manner.

It is key to highlight personalities and concepts that support the transformation of logistics chains and improve efficiency. Most episodes will be in English but sometimes we want to keep an authentic experience by switching to 2 other official languages of Luxembourg: French and German. Enjoy this Podcast that can be downloaded for free on platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud and our webpage www.c4l.lu

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#1 Luc Provost, CEO of B Medical Systems www.bmedicalsystems.com
The importance of vaccines and their distribution during a pandemic

B Medical Systems (BMS) is a manufacturer in the north of Luxembourg and global distributor of medical refrigeration devices for vaccines and blood, capable of cooling to - 80 deg. C. The company is in the spotlight as it supports the current need of ultra-low temperature freezers needed for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines from BioNTech /Pfizer. The former medical division of the household appliance group Electrolux now employs 240 fixed employees plus 70 part-time workers in Luxembourg. It keeps expanding into new products and innovating, with a recent joint venture in the US and manufacturing plans for India.
The host, director of the Cluster for Logistics Malik Zeniti, discusses the importance of vaccination due to the pandemic COVID-19 with the CEO of B Medical Systems Luc Provost.

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#2 Peter Stadler - Nachhaltigkeit in der Industrie (Importance of sustainable logistics in industry)

Mit Peter Stadler haben wir einen erfahrenen Industrievertreter für diesen Podcast gewonnen, bis vor kurzem noch managing director bei Kronospan Luxemburg und von 40 Jahren deren 25 in Luxemburg tätig. Herr Stadler, stammt aus Salzburg, und war auch in Österreich bzw. in Polen bei der österreichischen Unternehmensgruppe Kronospan beschäftigt, die weltweit mit ca 14‘000 Mitarbeitern 4 Mrd. Euro in Holzprodukten wie Spanplatten oder Laminat umsetzt.
Nach einer Einführung zum Werdegang des Salzburgers Peter Stadler, werden nachhaltige Projekte wie LEAN & GREEN angesprochen und der Industriestandort Luxemburg thematisiert.
„Jeder der in seiner Tätigkeit festgehangen ist, versucht es sich so einfach wie möglich zu machen. Mit einfachen Lösungen kann man aber keine Fortschritte erreichen!“ Das Projekt Lean and Green hilft eine Struktur zu geben, komplexer zu denken. „Wir müssen Lösungen finden Transporte anzuwenden die umweltfreundlicher sind und das Lean and Green hilft dabei.“ Mut zur Veränderung ist wichtig: „Jugendliche sollen wissen, dass man nicht das ganze Leben im selben Job ist.“

Mehr Information zur Firma Kronospan: KRONOSPAN (www.kronospan-luxembourg.com)

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