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We have different types of membership: Premium, Company, Start-Ups and Personal/Retired/Young Professionals Luxembourg. The fees are € 3600 for premium, € 1200 for company applicants, € 380 for start-ups (*special conditions apply, see below) and € 120 for personal members in 2021 (followed by € 240 yearly) and low fee of € 75 for Young Professionals below the age of 33 and Retired professionals. Company members can also automatically apply for a membership to the German BVL, the first year of membership being free of charge.

Start-up membership: The lower fee for innovative companies younger than five years for 380€ is valid for 2 years. After two years, the membership is automatically renewed for the following year at the applicable company fee.
An extract of the Company filing and a business plan are required. Validation is at the discretion of C4L.

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Difference in memberships

Advantages Premium  3600€ Corporate  1200€

  Start-Up    380€

Personal  120€ for 2021 (240€ following years)
Invitation to all events of the cluster Yes Yes Yes Yes
Participation free of charge (excluding travel and catering) to the events of the cluster (except otherwise stated for events that include a participation fee) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reception of news briefing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contribution to the clusters newsletter with  articles Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to the Internet site Yes Yes Yes Yes
Logo on the Internet site Highlighted as Premium Yes Yes No
Publicity on the Internet site Yes Yes Yes No
Employment offers  on the Internet site Yes Yes Yes No
Sponsoring in the newsletter and events Yes Yes No No
Eligible as member of the project workgroups Yes Yes On invitation only On invitation only
Free membership in the BVL Chapter Luxembourg Yes Yes Yes No
Eligible as Board Member Yes No No No
Podcast Preferred Yes Yes Yes
Highlighted in C4L presentations Yes No No No


Privacy Notice

Your privacy is important to us. We want to inform you that we collect your information to identify your business interests, provide you with services and a positive customer experience during our interactions. Your personal information (name, e-mail, phone number and other contact data) will be stored in customer systems primarily hosted in Luxembourg. This information might be shared with members of our associations, selected partners like the Chamber of commerce Luxembourg or other institutional members for the same purpose.