Jan 08 2021


Since January 1st 2021, the "Luxembourg Freeport Management Company S.A.", is operating under a new corporate name: "Luxembourg High Security Hub - Management Company S.A.".

The Cluster for Logistics member notes that the change comes as part of a rebranding strategy designed to materialize a desire to move towards three storage pillars: 1.art and collection, 2. precious metals and minerals, and 3. industrial products, strategic equipment and pharma.

The name Luxembourg High Security Hub also recognizes all the efforts that have been made to obtain valid certifications such as ISO 9001 high security storage for, or ISO 45001 and especially the Safe Zone Platinum certification, issued by the World Free Zones Organization based on the OECD / WFZO Code of Conduct.

The Luxembourg free zone is today the most transparent free zone in terms of customs control (100% at entry and exit) and in terms of AML control. This transparency, and above all the security and safety means that are in place, made us think about this change of name which now perfectly reflects the essential characteristics of our ultra-secure hub, ideally positioned at Findel airport, Luxembourg, with its direct access to the track.

The contact persons Philippe Dauvergne (CEO) and Carole Schmitz (Commercial & Events Director/Compatibilité) remain unchanged.

The new main contact email address changed to 

To check out their new website, click https://lux-hsh.com/

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