Jan 13 2021

Premium for employers with apprentices

One-off premium for the promotion of apprenticeship in the field of vocational training

In the context of the current health crisis, training institutions employing an apprentice may, under certain conditions, benefit from a one-off premium for the promotion of apprenticeship.

The Ministry of Education, Children and Youth has set up this one-off premium in order to:

  • offset the risk of a reduction in the number of apprenticeship posts;
  • guarantee the integration of young people in vocational training and support them in their transition into the working life;
  • increase the number of apprenticeships;
  • meet future needs for skilled labour;
  • support training institutions;
  • encourage the resumption of apprenticeship contracts that were terminated due to the health crisis.

Who is concerned

Any natural or legal person established in Luxembourg who has taken on an apprentice on the basis of an apprenticeship contract and who has the right to train an apprentice in accordance with labour law may apply for the one-off premium for the promotion of apprenticeship.

Adult apprenticeship is treated in the same way as initial apprenticeship.


To benefit from the premium, the training institution must send in the application by 15 July 2021 at the latest.

The premium is a temporary aid.

Reminder: exceptionally, the deadline for finding a training institution has been extended to 31 December 2020.

Filing an application

Details and documents for the can be found on the MyGuichet platform in three languages.

Modalities English

Modalities French

Modalities German

Amount of aid

The one-off premium for the promotion of apprenticeship takes the form of a lump-sum subsidy.

The total amount of the one-off premium is made up of the following lump sums per apprenticeship contract concluded:

Number of apprentices taken on by the training institution at the time of application

Apprenticeship contract
in progress on
15 July 2020

New apprenticeship contract concluded from
16 July 2020
Resumption of an apprenticeship contract terminated since
24 June 2020
lower than the average annual number of apprentices in the years prior to the application

EUR 1,500

EUR 3,000 EUR 5,000
greater than or equal to the average annual number of apprentices in the years preceding the application EUR 3,000 EUR 4,500 EUR 5,000

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