Jun 14 2021

WDP: 25.000m2 space available in Bettembourg

Luxembourg is still creating warehouse and logistics space and C4L Member WDP offers a logistics gem in the Luxembourg area. The last of the four WDP central warehouses with 25.000 m2 of the Bettembourg/Dudelange Eurohub area are still available. 

With 5,000 to 25,000 m² of available floor space and 1 loading dock per 1000 m², companies have ample room to expand their operations. The area combines a prime location, multimodal transportation and excellent infrastructure with a business-friendly climate.

With the Dudelange traffic junction just around the corner, companies have easy access to the A3 and A13 highways, sending your drivers into Germany, Belgium and France in no time. The development plot rubs shoulders with the Bettembourg Train Terminal, a railroad hub pushing over 600,000 containers a year. On top of this, Luxembourg Airport is only a half-hour’s drive away to support a multimodal transportation strategy.

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