May 17 2022

Journée de l’Ingénieur MoSarLorLux 2022

Engineering and Logistics go hand in hand and the Cluster for Logistics was pleased to participate to the Journée de l’Ingénieur MoSarLorLux 2022 of the "Association des Ingénieurs et Scientifiques du Luxembourg" on May 14th 2022. The event took part in Oetrange and was followed by visits of the CFL mutimodal Hub in Bettembourg and the Eurohob Centre in Contern, with a tour of the warehouses of Fanuc and DB Schenker.

The event attracted numerous guests from the Greater Region and included keynote speaker Franz Fayot, Minister of the Economy, and Malik Zeniti, Director of the Cluster for Logistics, who gave an overview of the Luxembourg logistics sector.

For more details and pictures of the event, check out the website:

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