Sep 21 2022

Startup conference September 2022

Logistics Start-ups present their pitch at the 8th C4L CorpPearls Matchmaking Event

For the eighth time already, the Cluster for Logistics and CorpPearls gave the opportunity to international Start-ups to meet potential partners or investors. Five Start-ups received the opportunity to pitch their innovative services to over 30 guests Wednesday 21st September at the House of Startups. The event was organized in partnership with the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works and

For the next edition in 2023, the Luxembourg companies should come forward and discuss with the Cluster any ideas for start-up candidates that could help them with their strategies, notes Max Nilles, Conseiller at Ministry of Mobility and Public Works.

C4L-Director Malik Zeniti and CorpPearls-Director Tobias Verlende welcomed the guests to the House of Startups, the Chamber of Commerce structure boosting new startups in Luxembourg. 

Patrick Kersten presented the new association dedicated to develop this ecosystem and make it easier for startups in Luxembourg.

The Cluster for Logistics gives a prize for the best company pitch. Congratulations to the first place Unleash Future Boats , followed by second Flynex and third Rebolet.

The pitching companies:

Circuli-Ion is maximising the value of each Li-ion cell by upcycling the batteries. The company designed a machine to extract and diagnose each li-ion cell in an automated manner from their battery packs and enable their reusage.

Nikolai Pappert, Business Development Manager Smart City at EDAG, presented an automated urban transport and work tasks platform. A modular vehicle concept allows for personal transportation or urban work tasks. A living lab test of the platform is scheduled for 2023.

Download the EDAG presentation 

Infrastructure inspections take a lot of resources and time. To speed things up, FLYNEX from Leipzig offers automated inspections using dones, says CEO Andreas Dunsch. The end-to-end data platform can reduce costs and downtime significantly. Clients own their own complete digital data driven process. This results in up to 89% of reduced damages and outages.

Download the FLYNEX presentation

Rebolet is a German based LogTech and Re-commerce company, enabling E-commerce companies to resell returned goods at a profit rather than destroying them, according to Guy Reiffers - CEO. Rebolet smart algorithms detect the optimal reverse supply chain for each returned good. Rebolet is in an unique position to build infrastructure for “door to door returns” which is applicable for 35% of all returned goods. The company revenue is rising quickly with 59k € generated with 38 clients in August 2022.

Download the Rebolet presentation

Unleash Future Boats from Schleswig offers zero emission maritime solutions & fully autonomous boats in order to accelerate future mobility worldwide, notes Lars Engelhard - CEO. One project offers a modular, scalable and simple retrofitting for conventional ships and boats in the 8-42 meter (26-140 feet) class. The startup uses fuel cells as range extender to guarantee powerful long-range activities while the maritime battery systems are designed with a partner factory.

Download the Unleash Future Boats presentation

Seungheun PARK CEO of LUXKO and Shreyasi Dhara, Business Administrator, presented the association and two Korean Startups. LUXKO business consulting is an official business partner in Luxembourg with the ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center (ASEIC) to promote cooperation of green growth in Europe and Asia. Its emphasis is enhancing eco-innovation of small and medium sized enterprises in both regions.
Harven is a Cold Chain Logistics Innovation with non-battery powered sensor tags. The main three products of this company are Passive Sensor Tag, NFC Reader Logger, Wireless LED Tag.
Coconut Silo is involved for solving problems in various industries especially in logistics/commercial vehicle areas. Its purpose is to optimize the logistics value chain for a wide range of businesses via a SaaS ecosystem.

Download the LUXKO presentation

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