Feb 14 2023

Jil Brimaire joins the Cluster for Logistics

Communiqué de presse                                                                       Luxembourg, 14 February 2023

Jil Brimaire has just joined the Cluster for Logistics (C4L) as Junior Logistics Development Advisor. She thus strengthens the team led by Malik Zeniti and is charge of the Lean and Green program and the organization of logistics learning and training in high schools, at the university, at the House of Training and in companies.

After a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Bayreuth in Germany, she obtained a Master of Science in Complex Systems Engineering and Management at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands. During her studies, Jil did a research internship in the field of e-mobility and additive manufacturing in Germany and several internships in industry in Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Created in 2009 at the instigation of the Ministry of the Economy and the Chamber of Commerce, the C4L now has around a hundred members

One of the Cluster's missions is to support innovation and development in the logistics sector. C4L also encourages the development of sustainable logistics activities supported by the Lean and Green program to reduce carbon dioxide in transport. Finally, in recent years, the contribution of digital technology has been a fundamental trend in the supply chain and logistics professions. Digitization allows companies to achieve productivity gains and improve their environmental performance, but it also changes the skillset and training requirements. Indeed, it is essential to be comfortable with digital tools in the supply chain professions.

After substantial investments, the attractiveness of Luxembourg as a European distribution center is known and recognized throughout the world. But, if the assets of the Luxembourg logistics hub have proven themselves, digital innovation, staff training and energy transformation require continued efforts. Carlo Thelen, President of the Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg and Director General of the Chamber of Commerce, says he is delighted that C4L is ready to meet the new challenges.

According to a recent survey of its members, C4L foresees a difficult year for the sector. It will strive to meet several challenges in 2023, particularly in terms of digital transformation with the emergence of new online services in logistics. In addition, the C4L wishes to support decarbonization and the energy transition in transport and finally, to help fight inflation and the shortage of talent.

With the arrival of Jil Brimaire, the management around Malik Zeniti, is banking on dynamic youth and is delighted to also show the growing importance of women specializing in the logistics sector. In order to stimulate innovation and support companies in their innovation process, it is essential to have specialists whose role is to advise, guide and capture innovative ideas to bring them to fruition and transform them into concrete projects, to the benefit of the country's economy. www.c4l.lu

Photo:  Jil BRIMAIRE, Junior Logistics Development Advisor, Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg

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