May 25 2023

News Flash: Ecological footprint of digital technology

In the ECO NEWS FLASH of MAY 2023 / N°12, the Chamber of Commerce gives an overview of the Ecological footprint of digital technology.

The relationship between digital and ecological footprint is contradictory. IT4Green, which consists of the use of digital services to achieve environmental transformation through management optimization of resources and energy consumption, is at the heart of the ecological transition. Nevertheless, digital technology itself has strong environmental repercussions. At the global level, it presents a carbon footprint equivalent to approximately two to three times that of France.

To the news flash (in French) 

With the accelerated digitization of economy, the need for a more sustainable digital (GreenIT) is intensifying. Luxembourg integrated the need to combine the ecological transition with the transition quite early on. digital. National digital projects aimed at reducing the country's ecological footprint are being developed. development. The implementation of tools and practices making digital more sustainable is not only at its beginning.

This publication highlights the advantages of digital technology to help the ecological transition in the four most polluting economic sectors, while analyzing the environmental impact of three digital levels.

The publication also mentions the C4L digital survey of 2022.

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