Jul 04 2024

Ensuring Security & Safety Conference

The Cluster for Logistics invited to an informative afternoon dedicated to enhancing safety and security in the logistics and transport sectors. C4L-Director Daniel Kohl welcomed the 40 guests at the House of Entrepreneurship on 3rd June 2024. The event brought industry leaders, safety experts, and innovative solution providers together to discuss and address the most pressing challenges the industry is facing today, such as safety in warehouses, the security in high-value supply chains or dangerous goods transport.

Attendees gained insights into the latest safety protocols, technological advancements designed to safeguard assets, personnel, and data throughout the logistics chain. Whether you're a logistics manager, transport operator, or safety officer, this event offered a unique opportunity to enhance your knowledge, share experiences, and network with peers.

Serge Soucek from DGM Luxembourg gave an overview on how to avoid accidents and incidents with dangerous goods. It is notably important to collect the neccessary information about the products when handling goods like chemicals or batteries.  

Frederic Masurel of Luxcontrol showed the importance of controlling and handling Intermediate bulk containers (IBC). These containers need specific control checks at regular intervals and the handling requires good knowledge of the specificities.  

Security issues in road transport was the the topic of Baptiste Mansinho from Securitas. The amount of stolen goods in road transport is significant and companies need to invest in security measures and train their drivers properly to reduce theft of high value goods.

Laurent Hick from Luxcontrol gave a comprehensive overview of the Inspection of storage racks in warehouses. He explained how to load the racks correctly and what to do when the racks have sustained damage.

Oliver Jung from Jung?heinrich presented various safety measures to avoid accidents in warehouses. Today, there are many solutions with sensors from various providers that help you keep an overview of walking personnel and forklifts to avoid collisions.

The event was concluded by a networking drink to share professional experience.

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