Connecting Europe: Logistics connectivity from Benelux to Hinterland

On April 14th 2021, the Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg has teamed up with the two CSCMP roundtables from Benelux and Switzerland to host a round-table webinar on "Connecting Europe: Logistics connectivity from Benelux to Hinterland”. The aim of this webinar was to receive insights from key players in the logistics industry about the challenges and opportunities of a well-functioning network of different transport modes in the Benelux region.

After executives from the leading logistics companies, CFL multimodal, CLdN ro-ro, Contargo, FFWD-Rail, Luxport Group and Mediterranean Shipping Company, presented their main logistics activities in the European region, a round of discussions developed in which the 6 participants looked more closely at topics such as digitalization, sustainability and required core competencies in the logistics field. With regard to the organization of logistics flows, the importance of combined transport by river or rail and road transport became evident. Also, with a view to the EU's climate targets, it will be essential in the future to divert some road transport to alternatives such as rail and inland waterway transport.

Watch the video of the conference

In order to increase the attractiveness of multimodal transport, rail-based solutions are increasingly being offered that make door-to-door deliveries possible and allow flexible and short-term bookings in the spot market. In addition, building the skills required around digitization to process large amounts of data for strategic decision-making or to increase the visibility of supply chains represents a further challenge for the logistics sector. The 50 participants of the webinar also heard that the 6 represented companies are constantly looking for new routes and transport connections to further increase the attractiveness of their offers in the European region.

You can download the presentations below:


  • Mrs. Barbara Chevalier, Strategy & Business Development at CFL multimodal
  • Mr. Michel Cigrang, Director CLdN RORO
  • Mr. Marc Remie, Managing Director of FFWD Rail
  • Mr. Holger Bochow, Managing Director of Contargo
  • Mr. Axel van Pul, Business & Project Development Manager of MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company
  • Mr. Jürgen Helten, CEO Luxport Group


  • Marc van Pruijssen (CSCMP Benelux)
  • Thijs Bender (CSCMP Benelux), Thomas Kofler (CSCMP Switzerland)
  • Malik Zeniti (Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg).