LEAN and GREEN is an international stimulation programme by non-governemental organisation Connekt for companies and organizations aiming to encourage businesses and public bodies to move to a higher level of sustainability, by taking measures that yield cost savings and reduce the impact on the environment at the same time. The LEAN and GREEN label for Logistics was launched in Luxembourg on June 25th 2014.

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure collaborated with the Cluster for Logistics in order to implement the Label for transport & logistics companies in Luxembourg. The principle is that a Luxembourg-based company which can demonstrate through an action plan that it will be able to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20% in five years’ time becomes eligible for the LEAN and GREEN Award.

Workshops and meetings were organized throughout 2014 in order to help the companies to develop sound action plans. These action plans were then evaluated by an independent third party. Five companies participated in this program and four companies, namely Arthur Welter, CFL multimodal, Luxair CARGO and POST have been awarded the LEAN and GREEN for Logistics Label on May 18th jointly by the Secretary of State of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Camille Gira, and Nico Anten, Managing Director of Connekt. From now on, they may use this logo on their trucks and other vehicles.

Transports Arthur Welter aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 29.6 %. The company wants to significantly lower the amount of “empty kilometers“, modernize its fleet to 100% Euro 6 engine trucks and enhance vehicle telematics with a "Coach Driver" tool. Since the second half of 2014, the company also uses “C.A.R.E. Diesel”, a non-fossil fuel. C.A.R.E. Diesel, unlike conventional biodiesel, can fully replace fossil diesel with fewer emissions.

Via its subsidiary CFL logistics, CFL multimodal chose the LEAN and GREEN programme to strengthen its energy efficiency plan covering all its logistics activities and to encourage the involvement of its employees through a collective approach. CFL logistics aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20,42% within five years, by realizing a series of measures including truck routes and loading rates optimization,  fuel consumption reduction, development of an energy-efficient and zero-emission fleet, as well as modal transfer from road to rail for specific destinations.

Luxair CARGO reviewed its energy policy and plans to reduce the CO2 emissions by 28.29 %. Among other measures, the company will replace current freezers with more efficient models and also use new modern lighting in the Cargocenter.

POST Luxembourg aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 23.41 % via the action plan and has chosen to participate in the LEAN and GREEN programme since it allows articulating a vision with a clear and quantifiable goal over the next five years. Eco-driving is one of the measures in which POST Luxembourg intends to invest more specifically to achieve the CO2 emissions reduction targets.

State Secretary of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Camille Gira,congratulated the participants for their efforts made stating that: The CO2 emissions which are saved over the lifetime of the Lean& Green program by these four companies are an important contribution to the Government’s ambitious ecological goals.”

Initiated in the Netherlands in 2007 by the agency Connekt, the LEAN and GREEN programme now concerns more than 350 companies in the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. This label is becoming an essential European recognition model for frontrunner companies in their quest to reduce CO2 emissions and thereby protect the environment. The project is continually growing in Europe. In Luxembourg the Ministry of Sustainable Development started to implement this program in 2014 with the help of the Cluster for Logistics. A second round is foreseen in the near future, with new frontrunners committed to lower their CO2 footprint.

The Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure is the fifth chapter allowed to award the ecological label LEAN and GREEN across Europe.

For more information about the program and award winners or the next session, please contact:

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