Logistics and Mobility Start-ups in the Focus

Start-ups in mobility and logistics were back in Luxembourg for the third time to present their services on 24th September The Matchmaking Conference was organised by Cluster for Logistics, the Ministry of Mobility, CorpPearls and EY. Malik Zeniti (C4L), Max Nilles (MMTP), Tobias Verlende (CorpPearls), Brice Lecoustey and Kevin d'Antonio (both EY) welcomed the nearly 50 guests at the EY Headquarter on Kirchberg.

The bi-annual event was highlighted by ten start-ups active in mobility and logistics projects (Check out the pictures to see the pitchers and the general presentation of the companies below) and the Startup experts Patrick Kersten and Guido Savi.

Patrick Kersten and Guido Savi as Special Guests

Patrick Kersten (Doctena) and Guido Savi (Febiac) gave their views on the Start-up environment in Luxembourg. Patrick Kersten has been successful with not only one but two online service platforms. He co-created atHome.lu and is now active with Doctena, an app which facilitates doctor appointments. After the launch in Luxembourg, the company expanded to Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany.

The market is still underdeveloped by not having a critical mass, says Kersten. According to him, financial support for starting companies and advanced companies is possible but for the inbetween stage, there is still a lack of investors. With a new project, it is important to identify potential customers right away in order to generate income to finance the next stages.

As a business angel active in the automative sector, Guido Savi is looking for potential invests in Luxembourg, He warned that mobility services are hard to be profitable due to current low price expectation of the customers and competition. The mobility services will have to be priced fairly in line with the usefulness for customers and are likely to rise in the future. Febiac is a member of the House of Automobile and notably invested in the Luxembourg mobility start-up Motion-S.

And the Winner is...

To incentivise the event, the start-up pitchers competed against each other for the Best Pitch. The Winners of the third edition were picked by the participants of the workshop using the app Mentimeter.

CarPay Diem is the Winner of the Best Pitch award sponsored by EY

The conference guests gave their favours to Frédéric Stiernon from CarPay-Diem (www.carpay-diem.com), a provider of a digital Fuel card with a large network in Europe. The Services were clearly explained and the network of the company is still increasing. As the Winner of the best Start-up Pitch, CarPay-Diem was awarded the 1.000 € cheque by sponsor EY.

Guido Brackelsberg from Limbiq (limbiq.com), a SaaS platform for logistics companies, came in second position, followed by Mandar Shirsavakar from 3SC Analytics (www.3scanalytics.eu) which offers descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics services for industry and logistics.

As customary for C4L Events, the matchmaking conference was concluded with a Networking Drink for the participating companies and start-ups.

Find the list and description of the participating companies below

CarPay-Diem allows any mobile app or connected vehicle to activate any fuel pump and manage payment of the refill automatically. Our solution allows for fuel card digitalization which drastically reduces the internal administration cost for logistic and fleet companies. Leading the mobile fueling industry for consumer in Europe, CarPay-Diem is now partnering with WABCO, #1 global supplier of technologies & services that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles to provide together the most advanced fuel management solution for fleet. www.carpay-diem.com
Eurosender is a modern digital platform that combines advanced automation for companies to create their own digital logistics department and increase their performance. At Eurosender, we are building the industry’s most comprehensive logistics platform that is able to capture the digital demand of shippers in different geographies, draw prospective clients and identify the best logistics solutions for their shipping needs. www.eurosender.com
JIWAY markets a cutting-edge solution for transport and logistics for integrated document data collection implemented at energy suppliers it can for example handle the customer interface with operations planning to improve the customer experience. www.jiway.eu 
The LogitOne™ platform provides collaborative workflow management for logistics. Using the services platform enables logistics actors (shippers, forwarders, carriers, ports and terminals, cargo owners) to implement services and communities to support end-to-end logistics planning & visibility, vertical& horizontal collaboration and sharing of information within supply chains. The benefits to achieve are multitude – reducing safety stocks, speeding up cash cycles, alignment between multiple segments in the supply chain, or more efficient use of transport resources. www.logit-one.com
Mileswap home/CarVROOM is a provider of sustainable mobility, connected and shared at home. It provides housing actors and residents with an intelligent, connected and sustainable travel tool in a residential context. It provide access to a wide range of transport solutions associated with the digitalization of mobility information with digital signage. www.mileswap.com
UFT provides on-demand ride pooling software for buses enabling public transport operators to increase ridership and passenger satisfaction. Its product consists in a secure cloud-based platform, including user-oriented applications (passengers, drivers, transit agents) & customizable tools for demand-response data-analytics. The user app lets passengers book a trip in advance or in real-time, pay online& receive live information. The native Android driver app sends in-app turn-by-turn navigation instructions. The transit agents interface enables to plan, operate& supervise operations. It collects data+ transport preferences. The solution lets operators innovate without capital expenditure: a complete and reliable solution for next-generation public transportation. www.uft.lu  
UJET (Foetz/Leudelange) designed an award winning cutting-edge foldable e-bike manufactured in Luxembourg providing integrated mobility with user interface for urban mobility. It combines innovative materials with modern hand-held communication technology. www.ujet.com
Limbiq (Bochum) is a B2B spin-off from SCM powerhouse Setlog. It deploys a neutral SaaS platform for traditional logistics companies to provide a similar modern, digital SCM experience to their customers compared to market leaders or disruptors such as Amazon, K&N, Flexport, Sennder & Co. Limbiq represents an intelligent node reducing the high complexity of supply chain management. Employing state-of-the-art technologies and open interfaces, all stakeholders of a supply chain are connected on a centralized, digital platform. Realtime data from a variety of sources is aggregated into comprehensive, up-to-date information threads, which are transparent, adaptable, and usable for anyone, anywhere and anytime. limbiq.com
3 SC Analytics  (Amsterdam and New Delhi) is a tech start up in supply chain network and logistics  which delivers state of the art solutions to cater medium and large multinational companies with descriptive, predictive (Machine Learning or ML) and prescriptive (Artificial Intelligence or AI) analytics services. It’s seen as expert of “making your data speak” in order to gain insight into current transactional behavior. Paving the way for End2End supply chain/network improvements that will add value in terms of money, service and brand image. Its solutions are being used by a number of shippers and logistics service providers www.3scanalytics.eu
Recoupex (Geneva) solves the challenge of obtaining compensation from liable party when cargo is lost or damaged in transit by blending cutting edge tech, legal defense and transport industry knowledge together. An exclusive full service - tech driven provider on the market. Recoupex delivers exceptionally efficient cargo claims recovery service for full container load/ FCL ocean and multimodal shipments globally.  Recoupex service substantially empower Freight Forwarders, Cargo insurers and Cargo Owners.  They continue be active in a global trade leaving the painful process of cargo claim refund to Recoupex and avoiding the costs of developing their own solution or the need to invest in devices, hardware, software and staff. www.recoupex.com