covid note 2

Thank you to all drivers and other logistics people for their discipline and dedicated work under difficult conditions

Luxembourg as well as Europe currently faces a difficult time, both from a health point of view than from a logistics and economic point of view. But logistics companies are keeping the world go around during these testing times. 

The COVID19 epidemy has a significant impact on the distribution & logistics sector beyond the initial air freight impacted by China.

We are supporting the sector where possible and understand you face difficult decisions to maintain logistics capacity.

The C4L wishes all companies resilience and smart decisions and hopes the governement will support a minimum service financially, when required.

Philippe SCHOLTEN reinforces C4L Luxembourg as “Logistics Development Advisor”.

During the COVID19 crisis, the systemic importance of logistics and the supply chain is increasingly recognized and requires great resilience. Luxembourg’s attractiveness as a European distribution center is more and more acknowledged around the world, but in order to obtain and keep investments it is necessary to further enhance the perception of the sector. The Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg A.s.b.l. (C4L) is delighted to announce its strengthening, in the person of Philippe SCHOLTEN, who will join C4L in May 2020 as Logistics Development Advisor to help the supply chain in Luxembourg create added value. Management has favoured a young profile focused on the importance of digitalization. Innovation should attract more companies and highly qualified people to transform this activity of diversification of the economy, and adapt it to young, dynamic and better trained staff.

After studying economics at LMU Munich, Philippe added a Masters in Technology and Management from the renowned TUM University in Munich. Mr. Scholten had the opportunity during his economics studies (BWL) to complete an international semester in Paris II and to carry out practical internships, among others an internship in logistics with the department in charge of transport of BMW in Munich.

Mr. SCHOLTEN will also strengthen the team around the director Malik ZENITI for the organization of learning and logistics training in Luxembourg in high schools, universities and in business training.

Enovos partnership

We have the pleasure to announce a partnership signed on April 21st with enovos, via the enoprimes program designed to promote the Lean and Green Program in Luxembourg.

Enoprimes allows to benefit from incentives when implementing specific measures related to the Lean & Green (LAG) program in the light of the obligation mechanism on energy efficiency.

Within this program the enoprimes team will offer you to meet you to provide information to benefit from the financial incentives. You will find more information on and can contact our new Development Logistics Advisor for more information on the LAG training program.

You can also contact the enoprimes team yourself for an appointment, via the e-mail

Luxembourg launches unprecedented economic stabilisation programme

In response to the economic challenges arising from the coronavirus crisis, the Luxembourg government announced on 25 March 2020 the launch of a massive stabilisation programme for the national economy. Measures for a total of €8.8 billion will help companies face the immediate shortage of cash and maintain employment.

The programme has four main objectives:

  • Help businesses meet their immediate liquidity needs
  • Face cash flow difficulties
  • Support companies in getting bank loans through state guarantees
  • Maintain employment

Update on Diplôme de Technicien en Logistique courses and exams

The Ministry of Education updated the programme for students in apprenticeship with differences in final year and non-final year students.

The final year courses for professional classes like the DT en Logistique will stay on homeschooling until May 3rd. The courses in school will restart on May 4th with alternating students per class per week. The schedule will be communicated by the respective schools. The students in apprenticeship can return to work on May 4th if the working conditions guarantee their safety and if good training is possible in these conditions. The apprentices will not attend work on school days until July 15th.

The teachers are requested to review the subjects eligible for the Projet Intégré Final (PIF). This revision takes precedence on any new content. There is no other evaluation test to be foreseen in the rest of the year. The students will get an exemption for the modules of the second semester.

The DT Logistique students in their first and second apprenticeship years will be home-schooled for a week longer returning to classrooms and apprenticeship work on May 11th. Only half of the students will be present in the rooms and the courses will be alternated.

The full document in French can be found here:

Jobswitch initiative launched to help business and logistics

The House of Entrepreneurship of the Chamber of Commerce, based on an idea developed by the Luxembourg Trade Confederation (clc) and in partnership with the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of the Economy and ADEM, launched a platform to connect businesses in need of manpower with people who are on unemployment, partially unemployed, or self-employed and looking for work.

The JobSwitch platform is a tool specially designed to facilitate the implementation of solidarity behaviour during the current crisis. It aims to facilitate and accelerate the use of available manpower during the crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact of the pandemic differs from one sector to another.

You can check the offer and submit your own under

StartupsVsCovid19 initiative

The Ministry of the Economy in collaboration with Luxinnovation is launching a call-for-projects named "StartupsVsCovid19". This competition is aimed at selecting and supporting the best startups developing innovative solutions to combat the health and economic crisis we are currently experiencing in Luxembourg and worldwide. The initiative is an additional measure taken under the Covid-19 national stabilisation programme and is aimed at supporting the Luxembourg startup ecosystem in particular.

 The StartupsVsCovid19 competition is aimed at selecting and supporting the best startups in developing innovative solutions to combat the societal, economic and sanitary crisis we are currently experiencing. Up to 20 projects will be selected, each of which will benefit from financial support of up to €150,000. In order to participate and have your project potentially selected, please submit your project proposal before April 30th at

The Cluster for Logistics and its partners are in contact with and will support innovative logistics initiatives with a Hackathon. More details are to follow.