Oct 25 - 25 2018

Luxembourg - German Digital Logistics Startup matchmaking Event

The Cluster for Logistics, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and CorpPearls are coordinating a matchmaking event with Startups from Luxembourg and Germany at the House of Startups. The event is supported by House of Startups and DLWI.

German - Luxembourg Matchmaking Event

October 25th, 2018,

2pm - 6pm








House of Startups

9, rue du Laboratoire










Interesting logistics startups can present their pitch in front of industry experts followed by pre-arranged 1:1 matchmaking sessions between start-ups and corporates.

The Cluster is cooperating with CorpPearls for the matchmaking session and B2B requests shall be sent to Tobias Verlende ().

Programme of the event:

  • 14:00  Arrival and Networking
  • 14:30  Welcome by Malik Zeniti (C4L) and Tobias Verlende (CorpPearls)
  • 14:45  1st session 5 Pitches (5 minutes each)
  • 15:10  Keynote Speaker HoST
  • 15:25  2nd session 5 Pitches (5 minutes each)
  • 15:50  Questions from the   audience to all startups
  • 16:00 to 17:30  1:1 Matchmaking Sessions
  • 16:00 to 17:30   Networking & Drinks
  • 17:30  Closing by Malik and Tobias

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The participating Luxembourg Startups

2.0 e-Fulfillment and Cross-Dock Services is a straight-forward fulfillment house for centralized e-logistics, in the heart of Europe, in the middle of the main consumer markets. Transparent real-time order picking and cross-border shipment drops are the ingredients of our triple-win service. A start-up with experience.


We offer the gold standard of trusted digital B2B collaboration. Secourriel was founded in 2017 and is a cybersecurity solution provider for secured messaging (email, chat) and federated storage with Zero Knowledge Encryption. The portfolio is being completed with tools for workflow support and process integration. By leveraging on a tried and tested 100% European cybersecurity platform we deliver the gold standard of GDPR-compliant secure B2B2C messaging and file sharing out of the box. We are situated in Luxembourg and process the solution and data locally in Tier 4, banking authority (PFS) and ISO27001 certified data centres.

Unsurpassed business features: Bank-grade Data centres, Privacy by design (GDPR compliant), End-to-End encrypted, emails/file sharing, Using existing customer systems, Evidence of read, Audit trail, Delegation (Representatives),Self-service portal

Innovalux offers an end-to-end spirits- & winemaker oriented distribution and logistics platform (3PL) to automate all sales processes (B2B, Duty Free, Export, B2C – Direct to Consumer)

Froggg’s S.A. promotes a solution for SCM & logistics called ‘Qomply', that provides Customs & Trade compliance services in cloud. Qomply is currently used into production by two PoC customers based in Luxembourg (namely AB Inbev Brasserie de Luxembourg and Heintz van Landewyck). At the moment the solution provides with automatic Customs & Excise declaration filing facilities in the cloud and our roadmap is to extend in functionality to address aspects related to Classification, Origin Calculation and Export Controls. Our roadmap is also to increase our Customer basis and the geographical coverage Benelux, France and Germany.

Presentation of the German start-ups:

Trailer Dynamics develops Newton-e-trailer, the next generation semi-trailer. It is aerodynamically optimized and has an integrated electric drivetrain which does not only recuperate energy but also provides substantial support to the diesel driven tractor. This support is realized by combining the onboard control unit with our cloud-based predictive software solution called Predictive Drive Control. It will allow the vehicle to evaluate the data collected by its sensors and those provided by third party services (maps, weather, topography, traffic info etc.) in order to make the most efficient use of its energy resources and provide as much support as possible to the tractor. Newton-e-trailer will allow diesel savings of up to 50% and significant reduction of CO2-emissions.The Trailer Dynamics Team is specialized in aerodynamics, e-mobility and drivetrain control. The company holds extensive patents and has partnered up with important industry partners such as SAP and research partners such as PEM, RWTH Aachen.

AINDEX connects logistic and real-estate business. The AINDEX plattform calculates a personalized attractiveness index of a real estate depending on the proximity to the locations of interest and availability of desired infrastructure. This is achieved by combining from one side complex routing algorithms including public transportation and traffic reports and from the other side public available big data such as governmental statistics, geo-data and social media. In urban development this concept is known as walkability index and because of it´s traffic reducing nature it has a strong impact on urban logistics. Currently the solution has attracted interest of several city developers and major real-estate companies with whom we are in conversation.

Heuremo is the new software provider for holistic logistics software with the focus on the essentials that matters: Modularly applicable software elements to face the individual customer needs. Due to the "Heuremo 80 | 20 rule", customers get individual software, based on proved, standardized software features, but iteratively customized on the customers’ needs and user wishes. This results in a software stack as needed with a comprehensive pricing. Heurmo already started many projects with strong partners. For a globally active steel distributor Heuremo developed a software tool for automatically created loading plans which considers the stackability, weight- and volume restrictions and restrictions due to transport safety for not standardized products. In another project, Heuremo offered a mixture of the tours planning feature, the digital loading plan feature and a special cost explorer tool for transports, to reduce the time for the offer- and dispatching process to just 30%.

Cargo Bay is a freight forwarding / freight administration portal (software as a service) for industry & trade and transport companies. Cargo-Bay connects shippers directly with their own forwarding companies as well as with many other transport companies. Via Cargo Bay, companies have the opportunity to lend their freight directly to their own freight forwarders, tender it out in their own closed network or even be visible in an open network for all transport companies. In addition, Cargo Bay offers the option of directly sending the transport order as well as managing and analyzing the freight. Cargo Bay can also be offered as a white label solution. Cargo-Bay is not an online / digital forwarding agency and no freight exchange specifically. Cargo-Bay is a transparent logistics portal, where the shippers and the transport operator know each other. This clearly sets Cargo-Bay apart from the other freight marketplaces and thus the platform has a unique position in this segment.

myDaylivery is a digital platform where small and medium-sized enterprises can post their urgent and important drop shipments. myDaylivery will find the right courier nearby or with a similar route in their network. The rating system, the GPS tracking and extensive data check of the executing couriers as well as a biometric recognition procedure, are all implemented measures to provide a high customers protection. Futhermore all shipments are insured by Kravag AG. With the technology myDaylivery developed, it’s now possible to locate and to assign the ideal courier for each delivery. By connecting new orders with existing routes and assigning them to appropriate couriers, myDaylivery achieves a reduce of empty runs and increase the utilization of couriers.



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The Conference organizers have the right to alter or cancel the Conference without prior notice, however a notice of the occurrence shall be given as soon as reasonably possible. Photo Rights: This conference may be documented by a photographer. Photos and videos will be taken during the meeting and may be published in traditional and/or digital media. Data Protection: The personal data collected and further processed are: data necessary for the management of the conference, such as name, surname, postal & e-mail addresses

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Oct 25 - 25 2018

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