Apr 24 2019

Logistics Startups German - Luxembourg Matchmaking Event 2019

Interesting logistics startups from Luxembourg and Germany present their pitch in front of industry experts followed by pre-arranged 1:1 matchmaking sessions between start-ups and corporates.

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April 24th 2019

14:30 – 18:30

Ministère de la Mobilité et des Travaux publics

4 Place de l'Europe

L-2938 Luxembourg

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The Ministry of Mobility and Public works, the Cluster for Logistics and the German company CorpPearls invite to their second matchmaking event with Luxembourg and German Startups.

Programme of the event

- 14.30 Welcome by Max Nilles, Tobias Verlende and Malik Zeniti

- 14.40 Intro to the startups and presentation to the idea of a mobility innovation hub in Luxembourg by Tobias Verlende

- 15.00 Discussion with a startup founder who benefited from the cooperation with a startup hub and the industry partners

- 15.20 8 Pitches (3 minutes each with 2 minutes questions)

- 16.30 - 18.00  1:1 Matchmaking Sessions

- 16.30 - 18.00   Information session on the potential of a mobility startup hub in Luxemburg

- 16.30 - 18.30  Networking & Drinks

- 18.30 End


The Luxembourg Startups

CLEAR LOGISTICS offers a cloud-based freight tendering platform for all modes. The platform is user-friendly and enables you to accelerate and structure your freight tendering processes. Thanks to its advanced technology, the tool allows you to easily set up tenders, upload data and connect with your carriers, while comparing the tender results at the click of a mouse. Moreover, it contains a powerful reporting and scenario-building module that gives you the in-depth analysis you are looking for.

SUMY (Sustainable Urban Mobility and Logistics) is a startup company that provides ecologistics and sustainable urban transport solutions for the food and pharmaceutical distribution sector. SUMY innovates through its circular and intelligent approach but also by using green technologies which allow to significantly reduce the negative impacts of transport operations on the environment and to contribute to the growth in volume of goods delivered per hour to its customers. SUMY is the first Belgian company that use commercial vehicles for transport of goods powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and equipped with a silent refrigerating system. In addition, tours are mainly performed at night or off-peak hours.

Firis connects machines and workers with augmented and cross reality by  developing assistive tools and applications for  industrial workers: manned work, maintenance, engineering, safety and training. The main value proposition of our solution is to augment process and workers by  layering metadata and controls coming from physical sensors and machines via  a virtual interface (in  virtual reality or  augmented reality): aka Cross Reality. The goal is to provide process information, documentation and machine control, on  the fly, in real time and more importantly in a natural way, to the user. It can be used for employee training on specific processes or safety rules, assist maintenance workers,  prevent incidents by providing visual alerts and data (vehicle collision, visual geo fencing...), provide the ability to remote control machines and small vehicles via a virtual interface. The company targets B2B markets in Industry, utilities, logistics and urban tech.

Easy4Pro is a digital platform which connects shippers and carriers all around the world in a very simple way. The startup is part of the On-demand Transport European leader Redspher group. 
After 3 years of activity, Easy4Pro has rapidly achieved a global success, and is already operating in more than 40 countries. The company has offices in France, Luxembourg, Portugal and the United States, and has been implemented by several worldwide companies such as Faurecia, Thyssenkrupp, Renault, Yazaki, Adient or Grupo Antolin. 
The startup offers to manufacturers the opportunity to save time and money, to work with standard and full transparent ordering and execution processes, as well as to make better strategic choices based on a business intelligence tools. 

The German Startups:

RE:Charge is a young startup from the Ruhr area in Germany, founded by a group of friends from the university Duisburg-Essen in 2018. The vision of RE:Charge is to develop sustainable, future-oriented and intelligent energy supply solutions for electric vehicles in the B2B and B2C sector.  In the long term, our RE:Charge modules are to be used in all urban living spaces and charge all electric vehicles. In the medium term they are to be placed on factory premises, in multi-story car parks, at ports and airports to charge electric vehicle.

ViSenSys (Visual Sensor Systems) develops and distributes Intelligent Observers (IO), consisting of a distributed multi-camera system and image processing software, for customers with a high automation need of human observation. The use of an IO leads to a relief and support of the human observers or to a complete automation and thus to a more efficient personnel employment. ViSenSys offers a variable and scalable combination of hardware and software components.

SKIDER by Smart Robotic Systems is a drone automation system with a focus on integrating automated drones into industrial processes. SKIDER is a modular tool that can be individually tailored to fit customer needs. Its primary use case is drone automation for regular or incident inspection tasks. SKIDER decreases mental load for the operator while allowing to take the previously required pilot out of the loop.

DepotCity is building a technology-driven, transparent and flexible solution for fulfillment and e-Commerce tracking. No more hassle with long-lasting on boarding processes, binding long-term commitments, non-transparent costs and item tracking. e-Commerce control tower made easy with DepotCity. Creating an online shop or listing products in established online portals is quick and easy. Its DepotCity mission to make the e-Commerce logistics as quick and easy, so merchants can focus on their core: producing and selling great products.

Freightfinders offers instant price indications for global logistics services. By using many sources, the Freightfinders engine accumulates rates and offers export & import companies from all over the world in real-time. Huge orders or complex transport requests are spread within the Freightfinders network to make sure, that customers are getting the best deal on the platform. Freightfinders tries to become the No. 1 spot for finding the best deals and shipping options for global commerce.

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Apr 24 2019

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