Apr 18 2023

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Why is finance vital for supply chain performance?

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Finance has become an integral part of Supply Chain Management - a lead topic of all news worldwide since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic - we will take a deep-dive into the intricacies of the supply chain, with special regard for financial and operations planning in the process - here is a sampling of topics:

- optimizing my working capital with rising interests rates
- financing my suppliers and their suppliers
- deep supply chains and transparency 
- due diligence in SCs
- geopolitical implications and nearshoring 
- risk and resilience 
- fintech and SC finance

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Conference Agenda

09:00 Coffee & registration

10:00 Welcome by Benny Mantin, Director of the Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL)

10:10 What is Supply Chain Finance (SCF)? Available solutions? Challenges?
Spyros Lekkakos, Zaragoza Logistics Center

10:35 SCF & Resilience: How to talk to the finance guy. How to measure resilience.
Jim Rice, MIT

11:00 Looking deeper into supply chains to overcome disruptions
Dirk Zetzsche, Full professor in Financial Law, University of Luxembourg

11:20 Geopolitical implications of latest disruptions on nearshoring vs. off shoring decisions -
Paul Schockmel, CEO, IEE Smart Sensing Solutions

11:40 Supply chains and Sustainable Finance: an ambidextrous relationship
Enrico Benetto, LIST

12:00 Panel discussion on geopolitical and sustainability implications of supply
chain disruptions and critical components moderated by Malik Zeniti

Panelists: Paul Schockmel, Dirk Zetzsche, Enrico Benetto

12:30 Lunch break & networking
Poster presentations by LCL Students of University of Luxembourg

14:00 Supply chain finance: beyond the first tier suppliers
Antonella Moretto, Associate Professor, Politecnico di Milano

14:20 Supply Chain Dashboards and KPIs from an analysts perspective
Jean-Baptiste Danckaert, Manager in Organization and Change Management at Resultance

14:35 How to get supply chain visibility for better Operational Resilience
Christophe Philippart, VP Sales EMEA at Resilinc

14:50 Supply chain financing and risk at Dow Chemical
Kamil Mizgier, Global Supplier Relationship and Risk Management Leader at Dow Chemical

15:10 Coffee Break

15:30 Leverage on customs and VAT to reduce supply chain cost
Karine Bellony, Founding Partner at VAT Solutions

15:50 Investors perspective
Mark Douglas, Managing Director, Strategic Accounts at PrimeRevenue

16:10 Conclusions by Spyros Lekkakos and Malik Zeniti

16:20 Networking Cocktail

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Apr 18 2023

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